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Race Car Ignitions

  • Advance Kits - MSD8464

    Advance Kits - MSD8464 The MSD Distributor Advance Kits are the same kits that come with your MSD Distributor. The kit contains an assortment of springs, advance limit bushings, and a mechanical advance lockout screw. Advance Kit, All MSD DistributorsMSD...

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  • Boot & Terminal Kits

    Distributor Boot & Terminal Kits Brass non-HEI terminals provide maximum corrosion resistance and high conductivity. Stainless steel locking HEI terminals will not fall off under racing conditions. part no./description 72040 - HEI Distributor Boot Kit;...

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  • Boot & Terminal Kits MOR72070

    Blue Max Spark Plug Boot & Terminal Kits -MOR72070 Manufactured from high temperature silicone. Comes in sets of 8 with positive, locking spark plug terminals No. Description/Application ...

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  • Bushings - MSD8412

    The carbon rotor button in a stock HEI distributor cap has very high resistance. When the high voltage of an MSD 7 Series Ignition is added, this resistance builds up heat and can actually melt the distributor cap. The solution to this problem is the use...

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  • Cap-A-Dapts -MSD8445

    Cap-A-Dapts -MSD8445

    MSD8445 The MSD Cap-A-Dapt adapts a large, Ford style cap onto your MSD distributor. This large cap spaces the spark plug terminals farther apart which lessens the chances of cross-fire and ionization occurring. The rotor is injection molded out of...

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  • Coil Bracket MSD8213

    The MSD coil bracket offers easy, universal mounting for standard size ignition coils up to 2 1/4" diameter, including all MSD Blaster 2 coils. For secure tightening , the MSD coil bracket uses a bolt and nut combination instead of an easily stripped,...

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  • Coil MSD8225

    MSD HEI Coil -MSD8225 Replace the stock internal coil of your HEI with an MSD. The coil features lower inductance and high temperature windings which allow the coil to charge faster delivering increased spark energy at higher rpm. The MSD Coil mounts in...

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  • Coil Selectors -MSD8210

    MSD Automatic Coil SelectorIn many forms of circle track racing a dual or redundant ignition system is used. If you use a dual system complete with two coils, the Automatic Coil Selector makes it possible to change coils, without having to pull into the...

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  • Coil Wire Kits

    Moroso Blue Max Spiral Core Coil Wire Kit All the parts necessary to make a coil wire to fit virtually all popular coils and distributor cap combinations Kit contains three feet of Blue Max Spiral Core 8mm suppression wire, a wire stripping tool, and a...

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  • Coils

    ProCoil HEI -MOR72355Finally, a coil design that gives your ignition system real power. Real ignition power that provides more complete combustion for easier starts, better idle, snappier acceleration and more horsepower. Real ignition power that...

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