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  • Chrome Water Neck O-Ring Style - Chevy - MRG2661

    Mr Gasket Chrome Water Neck This Mr.Gasket chrome plated water neck features an O-ring style seal to prevent water leaks. Precision die cast for a great fit, this water neck is first polished to a high luster, then beautifully chrome plated for lasting...

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  • Filler Necks MOR63460

    Moroso Filler Neck Bolt-On with -16AN Fitting, Chevy -MOR63460 Blue anodized aluminum -16AN fitting for use with steel braid reinforced upper radiator hose Designed by Banjo Matthews for oval track racing Fits Small Block, Big Block and 90 degree V6...

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  • Filler Necks MOR63465

    Moroso Filler Neck Bolt-On, Stamped Aluminum -MOR63465 Blue anodized aluminum Accepts standard-size radiator cap (not included) Excellent replacement part for Moroso Filler Neck Kits No. 63420, 63470 and 63480 100% leak testedMoroso Filler Neck -MOR63465

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    Manifold Filler Neck Kits - Moroso 63420

    Moroso Manifold Filler Neck Kits Locates filler neck at highest point on cars with low-mount radiators to bleed off air Unit can be flipped 180 degree for either right or left outlet location Includes 1/2" NPT fitting for installing water temperature...

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  • Moroso 63423 Filler Neck Housing

    Moroso Filler Neck Housing -MOR63423 Manifold-mounted filler neck base is identical to the one included in Moroso Kit No. 63420 without the filler neck or mounting hardware Allows you to install a variety of bolt-on style filler necks (radiator cap or AN...

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  • Moroso 63440 Water Outlet Restrictor Kits

    Moroso 63440 Water Outlet Restrictor Kits MOR63440 Restricting coolant flow leaving the engine lets you control the amount of heat absorbed by the coolant Red, gold and blue anodized aluminum restrictor plates are mounted under the water outlet on the...

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  • Moroso 63485 Filler Necks MOR63485

    Moroso 63485 Filler Neck Weld-On, Stamped Aluminum -MOR63485 Ideal for custom applications Accepts standard-size radiator cap (not included) Multiple applications including race and street performanceMoroso Filler Neck -MOR63485

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  • Moroso 63486 Filler Neck

    Moroso 63486 Weld-On, Billet Aluminum Fill Neck -MOR63486Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminumThis weld-on version can be used wherever a heavy-duty, custom application filler neck is requiredIncludes screw-in 1/8" NPT hose fitting for expansion tanks, and...

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  • Moroso 63730 Hose Fillers

    Moroso Radiator Hose Fillers - MOR63730 356-T6 cast aluminum Radiator Hose Fillers are spliced into the upper radiator hose to provide more complete cooling system filling Standard size radiator cap receptacle is welded to the cast flange (radiator cap...

    MSRP: $34.39
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  • Moroso Filler Neck Block Off Plate MOR63471

    Moroso Water Neck Block-Off Plate -MOR63471 1/4" aluminum plate provides an ideal base to weld-your-own radiator hose fitting to the intake manifold Untreated aluminum makes it easy to drill opening and weld any size fitting of your choice Two...

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