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Window Nets & Accs.

  • Allstar 10219 Window Net Installation Kits

    Allstar Spring Loaded Window Net Installation Kits Spring-loaded tube design kit eliminates the latch release and provides easy entry and exit. Pushing against the handle releases or fastens window net. Complete with top spring tube, 3/4" flat aluminum...

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  • RJS Oblong Window Net

    23x32x18 used in NASCAR Grand National and Winston Cup Cars - nets have provisions for a steel rod to secure them -- order mounting kit separatelyRibbon Style Nylon Net

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  • RJS Rectangular Window Nets

    Used and approved by ALL sanctioning bodies. SFI Tag. SFI 27.1 Approved. Rectangular 18x24. Choose your color. RJS50525 ..........Black 18" x 24" RJS50525-3 .......Blue 18" x 24" RJS50525-4 .......Red 18" x 24" RJS50525-5 .......Orange 18" x...

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  • Window Net Installation Kit

    Allstar Latch Type Window Net Installation Kit The Allstar Window Net Installation Kit is the lever latch release type used in most circle track or drag cars. 1" x 3/16" x 29" steel bar securely anchors the window net. Complete with mounting bracket...

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  • Window Nets

    Allstar Mesh Window Net Durable, lightweight polyester mesh nets increase driver vision and stop smaller debris than conventional ribbon or string nets. Rectangular Black. NHRA, IHRA and ASA approved, meeting SFI 27.1 specs. Mount with ALL10218 or...

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  • Window Nets ALL10285

    Allstar Window Net Border Style 18" X 24" SFI Window Net - SFI-27.1 - 1 In Webbing - 18 x 24 in Rectangle - Usually keep Black in stock - normally just an extra day or so for blue or red

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