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Panhard Bar

  • Panhard 9" Ford Slotted Panhard Bar Bracket

    Panhard 9" Ford Slotted Panhard Bar Bracket. Tired of bending those "other" Panhard Bar brackets? Durable Allstar 4140 chrome moly steel brackets are the solution. Brackets are available with five holes or slotted design. Sold complete with bolt, nut and...

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  • Panhard Bar Adjusters

    Allstar Panhard Bar Adjuster Internal Screw Panhard Bar Adjusters Adjusters feature a screw bolt style adjuster welded inside of the tube. Weld this adjuster in place of current mount and Panhard Bar can then be easily adjusted by turning the screw bolt...

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  • Panhard Bar Bracket

    Panhard Bar Bracket. Clamp-on bracket mounts on left side tube of quick change to connect Panhard bar. Change roll center height by loosening clamp and pivoting bracket up or down. Measures 11-3/4" from housing to end of bracket. Grade 5 Hardware with...

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  • Panhard Bar Brackets

    Allstar Weld On Panhard Bar Bracket 6 hole Weld-on Panhard Bar Bracket is made from 1/4" steel and has six different 3/4" mount holes for Panhard bar. Measures 8-1/2" tall by 2" wide.Allstar Weld On Panhard Bar Bracket

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  • Panhard Bar Brackets ALL60176 0

    Allstar Panhard Bar Bracket Fits 9" Ford center section. Available in 1/2" thick steel or aluminum with four 3/4"-16 mount holes that provide 3.375" of adjustment. Both have dual patterns and may be flipped to accommodate right- or left-hand mount...

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  • Panhard Bar Cones

    Allstar Panhard Bar Cone Mounts at the end of Panhard bar and spaces bar away from rear mounted power steering, brackets, etc. Aluminum cone is gold anodized.Allstar Panhard Bar Cone

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  • Panhard Bar Mounts

    Allstar Weld-On Panhard Bar Adjustable Mount Weld bracket on rear of 3" axle tube to mount Panhard bar behind housing. Machined 6" slot makes it possible to change roll center by adjusting Panhard bar angle. Includes bolt, spacers, washer and sliding...

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  • Panhard Frame Mounts

    Howe Clamp-On Panhard Frame Mount We used half the material of a billet aluminum mount and more than doubled the strength at the same weight. This cast steel mount weighs only 2.1 lbs. and is IMCA legal. You'll never strip the threads yet the nut is...

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