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Boxes & Rev Limiters

Race Car Ignition Boxes & Rev Limiters

  • Ignition Box MSD6430

    MSD 6ALN Ignition Box - MSD6430Circle Track Racing: Ignitions for harsh racing applications such as stock cars, late models, modifieds, road racing, desert and off-road.The new 6ALN Ignitions were designed with circle track racing in mind and are...

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  • MSD 6AL Ignition Box -MSD6425

    REPLACES PN 6420 - The MSD 6AL Ignition Control set the standards that other ignitions strive to reach. In fact, you’ll find ignitions from other companies that carry the 6AL name (and in some cases, the same part number). For 2011, the bar has...

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  • MSD 7AL-2 Ignition Box MSD7222 With 2 Step Rev Control

    MSD 7AL-2 Ign Box MSD7222

    The 7AL-2 has been a staple in the drag race community for years. It has now been redesigned with a 40% increase in spark energy! It also features a popular two-step rev control, LEDs for troubleshooting and convenient terminal strips for easy wiring...

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  • MSD Digital Soft Touch HEI Rev Control MSD8727CT

    Circle Track Digital Soft-Touch HEI Rev Limiter Part No. 8727CT The new MSD Digital Soft-Touch HEI Rev Limiter is designed to plug into nearly any HEI distributor and produces an accurate, smooth rev limiting action. Therpm limit is adjustable from...

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  • RPM Module Kits -MSD8745

    RPM Module Kits include five modules in 200 rpm increments. Each kit is within a 1,000 rpm range. For example, the PN 8745 is supplied with: 5,000, 5,200, 5,400, 5,600, 5,800 modules. Even Increments 3,000-3,800 PN 8743 4,000-4,800 PN 8744 5,000-5,800 PN...

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  • RPM Module Selectors -MSD8672

    RPM Module Selectors The RPM Module Selector plugs directly into the rpm module socket on all MSD Soft Touch Rev Controls and accessories that use plug-in modules. The user can then select between twelve different rpm limits by simply turning the knob...

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    This Shielded Magnetic pick-up Cable will help protect the trigger signal from the distribu-tor or crank trigger pick-up from Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). The pick-up wires are wound together and routed through a special aluminum skinned sleeve...

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  • Soft Touch Rev Control - MSD8728

    Soft Touch Rev Control For points and OEM Ignition systems The Soft Touch Rev Control, PN 8728, is designed to be used on standard points ignition or inductive ignition systems. This means that the PN 8728 can be installed on engines with a GM HEI...

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  • Super HEI Kit II Multiple Spark Ignition Control Kit

    Super HEI Kit - MSD85001

    Super HEI Kit II; Multiple Spark Ignition Control Kit; GM HEI; Includes MSD 6AL/Blaster SS Coil/HEI Adapter/8.5mm Coil Wire/HEI Dust Cover/Coil Bracket; MSD Super HEI Kit II

    MSRP: $419.30
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  • Tach Splitter -MSD8911

    MSD Tach Splitter If you are running a dual ignition system, this little device will allow the tachometer to operate with both ignitions. Simply install the splitter between the tach outputs and the Tachometer. Female faston connectors match common...

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