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Spark Plug Wires & Parts

Race Car Spark Plug Wires & Parts

  • Boot & Terminal Kits

    Distributor Boot & Terminal Kits Brass non-HEI terminals provide maximum corrosion resistance and high conductivity. Stainless steel locking HEI terminals will not fall off under racing conditions. part no./description 72040 - HEI Distributor Boot Kit;...

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  • Boot & Terminal Kits MOR72070

    Blue Max Spark Plug Boot & Terminal Kits -MOR72070 Manufactured from high temperature silicone. Comes in sets of 8 with positive, locking spark plug terminals No. Description/Application ...

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  • Coil Wire Kits

    Moroso Blue Max Spiral Core Coil Wire Kit All the parts necessary to make a coil wire to fit virtually all popular coils and distributor cap combinations Kit contains three feet of Blue Max Spiral Core 8mm suppression wire, a wire stripping tool, and a...

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  • Moroso 72020 Shrink Sleeves

    Moroso Blue Max Numbered Shrink Sleeves Simplifies spark plug wire identification and installation Pre-numbered from 1 through 8; sets include two sleeves of each number to identify both ends of each spark plug wire Note: Use No. 72030 or No. 72031...

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  • SALE

    Moroso Insulated Wire Sleeve MOR72000 OR MOR72002

    Blue Max Insulated Wire Sleeve -MOR72000 OR Red MOR72002 Available in Blue and Red. Closely woven fiberglass impregnated with high voltage, leak resistant silicone which adds up to 8,000 volts of extra insulation. Extend spark plug wire life by adding...

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  • MOR72407 MOR72407

    Moroso S/P Race Wire Set 72407/72402/72405

    Blue Max Spiral Core Sleeved Wire Sets Take them out of the box, plug them in and go racing! Moroso Blue Max™ Race Wire Sets come complete with our famous 8mm Spiral Core Wire pre-terminated at both ends with the correct terminals and boots, insulating...

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  • Moroso Spark Plug Wires MOR72800

    Blue Max Solid Core Universal Fit Wire Sets – 8mm Pre-terminated at the plug end with either straight, 90°, or Hemi-style boots. Sets contain both HEI and Non-HEI terminals and boots to terminate-your-own distributor/magneto wire ends Sets can also...

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