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Fuel Cell & Accs.

Racing Fuel Cells & Accessories

  • 5 Gallon Utility Jug Scribner White/Red/Blue

    5 Gallon Utility Jug Scribner White/Red/Blue

    New Thread Design - CNC Machined Larger and Wider Gasket Seat New Reinforced Neck Heavier Wall Thickness New Reinforced Bottom Glossy Finish Features unique to our utility jugs include the Square design eliminating unusable spaces around the jug. They...

    MSRP: $41.66
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  • Allstar 10102 Overflow Catch Cans

    Allstar Aluminum Overflow Catch Can Aluminum can will catch overflow when refueling during pit stops. Includes 6" rod for use with overflow check valve and clear hose splash guard. 1.5 gallon capacity.Allstar Overflow Catch Can

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  • Allstar Aluminum Dump Can ALL10100

    Allstar Aluminum Dump Can -ALL10100 ALL10100 by ALLSTAR PERFORMANCE Quick Fill Can, 11 gal, 45 Degree Neck, Aluminum   Aluminum fill cans have an 11 gallon capacity and are ideal for quick pit stops. 45° neck eliminates unnecessary...

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  • Allstar Dry Break Valves - Redhead Male and Female

    Allstar Dry Break Valves - Redhead Male and Female

    Dry Break Redhead Valve Safe and effective method for refueling prevents fluid loss. Spring loaded female receptacle mounts in a variety of locations and automatically closes when male dry break is removed. Female dry break accepts 2-1/2" fuel hose. Male...

    $244.99 - $264.99
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  • ATL Fuel Cells, Bladders and Parts

    ATL Fuel Cells, Bladders and Parts

    We stock ATL Fuel Cells. Do you need a fuel cell this season, give us a call to discuss your requirements at 860-749-3977 or email to There are many different choices and sizes depending on what type of racing you do...

  • Fuel Cell Hose

    Clear vent and filler hose is ideal for circle track cars. Specify size when ordering. Sold by 5', 10', 20' sections.(sizes are I.D.)Allstar Fuel Cell Clear Hose

    $10.49 - $189.99
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  • Funnels ALL40100

    Heavy duty plastic funnels are perfect for topping off fuel or other liquids. Available in several sizes. - ALL40100Allstar Funnel - ALL40100

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  • Funnels by Scribner

    Funnels by Scribner

    These are the same Scribner heavy duty funnels used by pro racers, motorcyclists and off roaders worldwide. All have an anti-splash lip around the top. A filter can be added. AND, they are available in all the neat jug colors. Made from the same tough...

    $5.99 - $12.49
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  • Inline Fuel Filters - Moroso 65230

    Moroso In-Line Fuel Filter -MOR65230 Removes dirt and debris from fuel systems The housing is blue anodized aluminum and contains a special 40-micron stainless steel filter element NOTE: Not recommended for high-pressure fuel injection systems In-Line...

    MSRP: $87.07
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