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Oil Systems

High Performance Race Car Oil Systems & Parts

  • Canton Oil Pan 11-102T

    Canton Oil Pan 11-102T for 86 and newer blocks with one piece seal.Style: Shallow Left Turn Wet Sump designed for applications where the engine is set extra low in the chassis. Fits front steer chassis with both aftermarket and Camaro front ends. SIZE:...

    MSRP: $381.60
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  • Drain Plugs o

    Longacre Magnetic Drain Plug 3/8" NPT. Traps particles and keeps them from damaging your equipment. Check often to spot developing problems.-LON33320Longacre Magnetic Drain Plug -LON33320

    MSRP: $6.50
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  • Dry Sump Tank - Peterson 08-0009

    3 Gallon Single scavenge inlet, 16" high x 9" dia. -12 AN Female Fittings. Use mount bracket 08-0101 (does not include brackets or fittings)THIS IS NOT PIPE THREAD. IT IS -12 O-RING PORT.Peterson Dry Sump Tank 3 Gallon -PTR08-0009

    MSRP: $514.99
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  • Fram HP1 Oil Filter FRAHP1

    Fram High Performance HP1 Oil Filter 1 quart Ford Fram Racing Filters Take You To The Finish Line Screen-over by-pass valve provides additional protection against larger contaminants Heavy gauge steel tapping plate withstands high pressure flexing...

    MSRP: $14.65
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  • Inspection Plug Kits

    Moroso Oil Pan Inspection Plug Kit - MOR23970 Allows sanctioning bodies to conduct post-race inspections of connecting rods without removing oil pan. Kit is easy to install Includes steel fitting to be welded...

    MSRP: $15.25
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  • Moroso 25900 Crankcase Evac Systems

    Moroso 25900 Crankcase Evacuation System MOR25900 - Full Kit Reduces crankcase pressure throughout entire rpm range for increased piston ring seal, reduced intake charge contamination, and fewer oil leaks. Track and dyno tests prove significant increases...

    $12.95 - $61.99
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  • Moroso 85470 Breather Tanks

    Moroso Dry Sump Breather Tanks -MOR85470 3/8" NPT inlet Use as a remote breather/oil separator on dry sump tanks, rear axle housings, etc. Designed to be panel-mounted and comes complete with Filtered Breather No. 68815, and drain cock Dimensions: 3-1/8"...

    MSRP: $100.80
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  • Moroso Oil Filter Adapter for Oil Cooler MOR23692

    Moroso Oil Filter Adapter 23692 Oil Fiter Adapter engineered for plumbing a remote oil cooler for wet sump oiling systems. Will fit Small Block Chevy engines without modifications and Big Block Mark IV Chevy engines with minor block modifications...

    MSRP: $101.99
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  • SALE
    Moroso 23996 Moroso 23997

    Moroso Oil Heating Pads MOR23996/MOR23997

    Moroso External Heating Pad Excellent for pre-heating of oil pans, tanks and automatic transmission pans. Available with self-adhesive or hook/spring attachment methods. Etched foil design distributes heat evenly. Silicone outer shell resists oil and...

    $61.99 - $74.99
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  • Oil Filter Adapters

    Moroso Oil Filter Adapter Designed to plumb Moroso Accumulators and External or Dry Sump Oil Pumps. Will fit Small Block Chevy engines without modifications and Big Block Mark IV Chevy engines with minor block modifications. Eliminates need for a remote...

    MSRP: $98.72
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