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Race Car Electrical Connectors

  • Firewall Feed Thru - MSD8211

    The Firewall Feed Thru prevents voltage leaks in passenger compartment coil mount applications. Constructed from Rynite and nylon, this unit has 1/2" of insulation to insure that maximum spark reaches the plugs. Mounts in a 1" diameter hole in firewall...

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    This Shielded Magnetic pick-up Cable will help protect the trigger signal from the distribu-tor or crank trigger pick-up from Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). The pick-up wires are wound together and routed through a special aluminum skinned sleeve...

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  • Two Pin Connectors -MSD8824-

    Simplifies replacement of damaged pins, connectors, shortening cables or doing custom wiring. Metal pins have locking feature to prevent vibrating loose, and connectors have lock tabs for tight, vibration-proof connections. Includes 2 connectors and 4...

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  • Weathertight Connectors -MSD8170

    MSD Weathertight Connectors seal the elements out and provide trouble-free electrical connection. MSD Weathertight connectors are unaffected by water, chemicals, vibration, temperature, or dirt, and will not come apart accidentally. Special nylon...

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