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Race Car Ignition Modules, Kits, & Selectors

  • Replacement Ignition Modules

    Replacement Ignition Module Moroso/GM HEI Distributors Fits Moroso DuraFire Distributor Nos. 72230 & 72231 and any 4-pin GM HEI Distributor for 4-,6- and 8-cylinder engines High output module delivers consistent dwell, accurate timing, extended...

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  • RPM Module Kits -MSD8745

    RPM Module Kits include five modules in 200 rpm increments. Each kit is within a 1,000 rpm range. For example, the PN 8745 is supplied with: 5,000, 5,200, 5,400, 5,600, 5,800 modules. Even Increments 3,000-3,800 PN 8743 4,000-4,800 PN 8744 5,000-5,800 PN...

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  • RPM Module Selectors -MSD8672

    RPM Module Selectors The RPM Module Selector plugs directly into the rpm module socket on all MSD Soft Touch Rev Controls and accessories that use plug-in modules. The user can then select between twelve different rpm limits by simply turning the knob...

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