It's Summer - How about a Safety Check

We are in the summer stretch of racing season.  Everyone is working hard keeping their race cars prepared week to week and finding that special set-up that will get your car to the front.

How about safety though, you don't ever want to overlook your safety gear.  Now's the time to take a safety check, visually inspect your gloves.  All that hard driving can take a toll on your gloves.  Make sure they are not wearing out and there are no holes or seams wearing through.  If they are, if you are in an unfortunate wreck you want to be able to count on your safety equipment.  

How about your shoes and suit, take a minute to make sure everything is still in good shape.

Some do this over the winter, but then most of you may have not even taken a look at your safety gear.  Too busy updating all your car's and team's equipment with the latest goodies.

If you need any new safety gear we have a lot of items in stock.  If we do not have what you are looking for in stock, please be assured you can count on us ordering for you.  We do what we say, offer fast service and fair competitive pricing.  Most safety items Ship Free!

Happy racing and we hope to see you in victory lane!  

Your friends in racing,

Reliable Welding & Speed

21st Jun 2018 Reliable Welding & Speed

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